Resume & Cover Letter Services

No DIY templates here! Receive a personalized and professional resume developed by an experienced nursing professional who knows what recruiters want!

Whether you are applying to a program, looking for a preceptor, applying for your first job, or landing a new job, Emily is here for your needs.

Emily also provides counseling with each resume as to why certain changes were made and other tips to aid in the application process.

In addition, Emily offers cover letters and personal statements. She has taken English and writing courses and has cultivated a love for writing. Her knowledge of the medical field in combination with writing skills enables her to write professional letters to help you stand out!

Standard turn around time is 1 week.

A 48 hour rush is available for purchase which includes a phone conference to ensure timeliness.

All documents are created using Microsoft Word and must be opened/edited with Microsoft Word to retain original formatting, font, and spacing.

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