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NP Guide

Educational & Career Services for Nurse Practitioners by Nurse Practitioners


"You have an incredible gift for writing. This would have taken me DAYS to write. Your help has taken the stress out of stressful time. I’ll always recommend your services."

Emely Q.
New Graduate Resume Package

"Just wanted to thank you!! The material is so helpful. When you say things like this is done in practice or this will probably appear as a question. All that helps to continue refining my studying... [I] think you did a great job and it was money well spent."

Jayandra S.
Primary Care Course

"Thank you so much for compiling everything into one amazing cover letter and cv! I absolutely could not have done this for myself! You did a phenomenal job! I also greatly appreciate your helpful tidbits moving forward."

Mallory R.
New Graduate Plus Resume Package

"My student NP resume looks so good! I can't wait to hand it out to prospective clinical sites. I will definitely be having you update it for prospective employers when that time comes!"

Jennifer E.

Preceptor Resume Package

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