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Emily Lane

Primary Resume Writer & Lecturer

Emily Lane has been educating nurses and nurse practitioners since 2012, beginning as a peer tutor at Charleston Southern University, providing 1:1 tutoring with WyzAnt and Simmons University, lecturing for ECPI University and USC Upstate, and now, through her own educational service, NP Guide.
A natural progression of Emily's services for new graduates came through the writing of resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Emily is an experienced writer, having taken additional writing courses during her undergraduate years, editing a college literary magazine, and receiving high marks on graduate-level research papers.

April Greener headshot_edited.jpg

April Greener


April Greener has been in healthcare since she was 16, starting as a CNA. She has 8 years of RN experience in postpartum and L & D and 12 years of experience as an NP in women's health, pain management, and student health. 

She completed her doctorate at Westminster College where she has also been teaching NP students for the last 7 years. Her favorite classes to teach are Health Assessment, Women's Health, and Synthesis.

With NP Guide, she teaches a Transition to NP Course and a Billing and Coding Masterclass. You can reach her at

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